I just can’t seem to get a date

I just can't seem to get a date

Successful in your career, have friends, travel, focused.  But no dating life?


Confident professionally, but not personally?Do you make time for dating?


When you do, you attract the wrong men but don’t understand why.  These guys aren’t attentive, it’s all about the guy.


Perhaps you are ignoring that part of your self that seeks connection, partnership.You don’t want to be vulnerable, to grow deeper in a relationship.


Your 3 Point Action Plan For Love


When you think about this carefully, you will find you must shift your perspective.


  • Finding Love is Possible – Recognize that that aching loneliness, that pain, is real, and that you CAN do something about it.
  • It’s You, not Them – How we feel about ourselves is a reflection of how people treat us.  Take responsibility for what you want in your life.  Get deeper insight into the process and you can have what you want.  You can be more open to the world and its possibilities.
  • Make a Decision, Find Time – You must decide to change, and dedicate time to the process.  Learn how to change and get support to help you through it.  Just like you dedicate time and attention to a project at work, you can focus on your private life to achieve personal goals.


Get Support to Find Love


Get Relationship Coaching with Sue DeSanto to help you find that love of your life. Call (312) 213-2395 for a free strategy session.


Making the firm commitment to do things differently is the first step in our  3 month Relationship Coaching Program.

After participating in Sue’s three month program, I’m clearer on my relationship requirements and feel better equipped to connect deeply with others. Thought provoking exercises and her patient guidance made this experience better than other books and programs I’ve tried in the past!

—CS, Cincinnati Ohio

I highly recommend Sue DeSanto as a compassionate and supportive relationship coach. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and effectively uses the emotional freedom techniques to clear old patterns and beliefs. She is a great thought partner to work with as you explore your relationship to dating as well as while you begin a relationship and work through the inherent uncertainties and questions that process brings up. She has a great sense of humor to bring lightness to the work. And she is generous in sharing her experiences in ways that may inform your own.

—JT, Chicago

Susan is kind and compassionate and helped me get at the heart of what has been holding me back from finding the relationship I want and need. I appreciate all she’s done so far and look forward to continuing my journey with her coaching and guidance.

—NT, Chicago

Tips for getting clear about finding your true love NOW.

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