I’m too scared to ask them out

I'm too scared to ask them out

Do you wish you had a map to navigate the dating world?
Are you tired of hearing, “let’s just be friends” and fear that there is no one for you?


Do you wonder if you were born in a different era, family or body things would be easier?


Men and women approach dating in different ways. Men generally want to have fun, have sex and try out the relationship before deciding the future. Women generally focus on the future and are more security-minded when dating. These two polar approaches can result in misunderstandings.


Men complain that women are too serious, focused on evaluating and catching them, and that dating isn’t fun.


Tips to Understand Your Needs


  •  If your agenda and goal for dating doesn’t match with someone..move on!
  •  Know what you are looking for in a relationship and be willing to state it.
  •  Take initiative and responsibility for your choices to create the life you want.


Relationships require a variety of skills. Identifying, learning and practicing these relationship skills will help set you up for success.


Get Support to Find Love


Need more help to understand your needs? Get Relationship Coaching with Sue DeSanto to help you find that love of your life. Call (773) 895-5985 for a free strategy session.


Understanding your emotional needs and circumstances is the fourth part of our Relationship Coaching Program.

After participating in Sue’s three month program, I’m clearer on my relationship requirements and feel better equipped to connect deeply with others. Thought provoking exercises and her patient guidance made this experience better than other books and programs I’ve tried in the past!

—CS, Cincinnati Ohio

I highly recommend Sue DeSanto as a compassionate and supportive relationship coach. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and effectively uses the emotional freedom techniques to clear old patterns and beliefs. She is a great thought partner to work with as you explore your relationship to dating as well as while you begin a relationship and work through the inherent uncertainties and questions that process brings up. She has a great sense of humor to bring lightness to the work. And she is generous in sharing her experiences in ways that may inform your own.

—JT, Chicago

Susan is kind and compassionate and helped me get at the heart of what has been holding me back from finding the relationship I want and need. I appreciate all she’s done so far and look forward to continuing my journey with her coaching and guidance.

—NT, Chicago

Tips for getting clear about finding your true love NOW.

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