I’m In the Dating World Again After Being Married. Where Do I Begin?

I'm in the dating world again, after being married, where do I beginAre you back in the dating world and not sure where to begin?


Do you wonder if it’s possible to find a good partner? Does one really exist?


Are you scared you will repeat your past marriage mistakes over again?


It can be a daunting task to start over and believe you can have what you want in a fulfilling relationship. If you’ve been in a failed relationship or marriage before, you probably know what you don’t want. And that’s good news because from there we can build what we do want in a relationship.


I was there, being married for 13 years, with two small children and being in the dating world again. The journey, as they say, begins with you and your beliefs. It starts with what you feel you deserve in your life.


Tips on Relationship Requirements


  • When a relationship ends it’s because our requirements are not met.
  • Requirements tend to be non-negotiable, and the absence of a single one often results in a failed relationship.
  • Requirements commonly involve religion, children, money, lifestyle, values, goals, etc.


If you give yourself time and the opportunity to find what you really want and define your requirements, you will be successful.


Get Support to Find Love


Learn about reasonable and unrealistic requirements in the third section of our 3-month Relationship Coaching Program. Consider Relationship Coaching with relationship coach Sue DeSanto to help you find the love of your life. Call (312) 213-2395 for a free relationship strategy session.


Sue helps you get straight to the heart of the matter. She has a gentle way of guiding you to uncover the whys behind your challenges and helps you shift to a new place in life. I had been stuck in a long rut of dating men that were unavailable. After working with Sue and her method, she helped me get out of that rut and put me on a clear path to more meaningful and positive relationships.

—LM, Chicago

It is 5 months into my relationship with Bill. He has a strong spiritual connection and has done lots of personal growth work. He clearly is open to a relationship with someone who has shared values and someone who wants to continue to evolve and deepen in partnership. And he dances!!  He lives in Naples for 7 months, as do I. His other home is in Santa Fe. I just returned from spending 10 magical days with him there. He and I have several trips planned for the summer so we can maintain our connection, share experiences traveling, and continue our path of deepening and evolving as a committed couple.


I am beyond happy, and with all the healing work you and I did together, I wanted to share with you that it has made a remarkable difference. I feel centered, open and committed to continuing to evolve as a person and in partnership with a man who is equally committed to co-creating a healthy and flourishing partnership.


In deep gratitude and with a happy and warm heart.

—SL, Chicago

Sue is amazing to work with! She is thorough and asks thought-provoking questions that make you challenge your assumptions and old habits. She is resourceful, organized, supportive and professional. Her workbook and assignments really help discern what type of relationship you are looking for and create a plan to attract the right person. Sue has guided me from not dating at all to seeing my choices in the buffet of men in the world!

Thank you for all of your help.

—JF, Norridge

I have worked with Sue De Santo and I am so grateful for her expertise, wisdom, guidance, and encouragement. Through her Relationship Coaching Program, Sue expertly led me through exercises and discussions to explore who I was, my past relationship experience and most importantly where I wanted to go and what kind of relationship I was looking for. I feel like I have blossomed under her supervision which has allowed me to become the person I want to be and to find the healthy, enriching and satisfying relationship that I wanted and deserved. She encouraged me to partake of the “dating buffet” and I did and got great results and had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you Sue!

—BS, Chicago

After participating in Sue’s three month program, I’m clearer on my relationship requirements and feel better equipped to connect deeply with others. Thought provoking exercises and her patient guidance made this experience better than other books and programs I’ve tried in the past!

—CS, Cincinnati

I highly recommend Sue DeSanto as a compassionate and supportive relationship coach. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and effectively uses the emotional freedom techniques to clear old patterns and beliefs. She is a great thought partner to work with as you explore your relationship to dating as well as while you begin a relationship and work through the inherent uncertainties and questions that process brings up. She has a great sense of humor to bring lightness to the work. And she is generous in sharing her experiences in ways that may inform your own.

—JT, Chicago

Susan is kind and compassionate and helped me get at the heart of what has been holding me back from finding the relationship I want and need. I appreciate all she’s done so far and look forward to continuing my journey with her coaching and guidance.

—NT, Chicago

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