The love you seek is seeking you

-Deepah Chopra

I just can't seem to get a date

I can't seem to move from dating to a relationship

I'm in the dating world again, after being married, where do I begin

I'm too scared to
ask them out

Discover how to be that love now.

Successful Relationships with ourselves and others are learned patterns. Everything in life is learned and many of our relationship patterns are influenced by society, family and others. Our patterns influence our success in our personal and professional lives. Relationship Coaching can help you understand these patterns so that you can begin to write a new relationship story.

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What Our Clients Say

“Sue helped me realize that using my career as a distraction from my fears of getting involved in a relationship was only hurting me. She not only helped me find a way to balance my life, but open myself up to a relationship that is honest and authentic. I’ve become proud of who I am and not afraid that someone won’t love that person.” – JK

“Sue is incredible – a warm and compassionate presence, she was amazing to work with and helped me dig deep to explore issues in order to better connect with myself and others. I cannot thank or recommend her enough.” – GG

Tips for getting clear about finding your true love NOW.

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