Sue DeSanto, LCSW

Relationship Coach


Often people struggle to understand why they seem to be getting into the same relationships over and over again. As a therapist for over twenty five years, Sue De Santo has helped people move through their doubts and fears about relationships to lead richer, more full lives.

As a clinical social worker and relationship coach, Sue has drawn on her experience as a divorced mother to discover the real reason so many people fail at finding love – They think they’re “ready” to be in a relationship, but they aren’t.

I have worked with Sue De Santo and I am so grateful for her expertise, wisdom, guidance, and encouragement. Through her Relationship Coaching Program, Sue expertly led me through exercises and discussions to explore who I was, my past relationship experience and most importantly where I wanted to go and what kind of relationship I was looking for. I feel like I have blossomed under her supervision which has allowed me to become the person I want to be and to find the healthy, enriching and satisfying relationship that I wanted and deserved. She encouraged me to partake of the “dating buffet” and I did and got great results and had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you Sue!

– BS [50, Chicago]

Journey to Find Love

How does Sue know this to be true? Because she’s been there. She was one of those singles going on 8 first dates because she kept connecting with the wrong men. She did not see her own blind spots in her relationships. 

After these painful experiences, Sue was determined to find out if it was possible to have a healthy intimate relationship and how to achieve that goal, so she began working with a relationship coach. Once she understood what the hidden barriers were preventing her from finding love, she felt more comfortable with herself and dating. 

During that journey she found out that we don’t have to give up ourselves for a relationship and ultimately our relationships fail if we do. We must embrace ourselves and open our hearts to love.

Let's Find Your Happiness

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