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Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) is a gentle tool that helps you shift self defeating patterns of though and behavior from past events or memories.


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Meditations help us relax, feel better and open up to all the possibilities for our life. These are short meditations that can be done in the morning, during the day when you need a break at work or in the evening to slow down and let go of the days activities.

Connecting with Your Light Inside

Connecting with Your Light Inside...


Connecting with the One

Connecting with the One...


Relaxing and Connecting with Our Inner Child

Relaxing and Connecting with Our Inner Child...


Changing Your Relationship Story

Changing Your Relationship Story...


Releasing Stress and Irritation

Releasing Stress and Irritation...


Healing Our Heart

Healing Our Heart Meditation Healing our Heart...


Tips for getting clear about finding your true love NOW.

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