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I’m excited to announce that I was recently featured in an article on DatingAdvice.com, entitled: Relationship Coaching for Singles: Sue DeSanto Teaches Women to Love Themselves & Change Their Dating Patterns.

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I was honored to be interviewed by contributing editor Amber Brooks about my relationship coaching services, and enjoyed discussing my personal and professional experiences. We spoke of my own journey as a newly divorced single mother with two children who had no idea what to do next. I was back in the dating world as an adult and I was absolutely terrified. That’s when I decided to seek guidance from a relationship coach, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After a six-month relationship coaching program, I knew what I wanted in life and from a partner and was excited to date again. That’s when I knew I wanted to help other women the same way my relationship coach helped me, and decided to add a relationship coaching program to my Chicago therapy practice.

The article also details my one-on-one relationship coaching program, explaining how it works, and even features quotes from some of my clients who have benefited from the program. As Amber wrote, my Chicago relationship coaching program is “all about overcoming negative dating habits and developing the skills it takes to succeed in the modern dating world.” I work one-on-one with my clients to “foster a mindful approach to dating,” and help them bring out the best in themselves.

This particular section of the article describes my relationship coaching philosophy pretty well:

“Many clients describe Sue as a compassionate coach with thoughtful insights into the inner dynamics of dating and relationships. She gets to the core of what’s blocking someone from reaching their goals and how they can flip the switch and start improving. Her mission is to pair understanding with action and motivate her clients.”

The interview ended with a key message I try to communicate to all of my clients, which is:

“We all have areas of strength and vulnerability. I love going out there and saying there’s nothing wrong with you — it’s just stories you’ve been told and tell yourself. And we can change those stories.”

To read the full article, visit DatingAdvice.com! I’d like to thank them for choosing to feature me in the Women’s Dating section of their site. It was a great experience!

Interview With Next Act for Women

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Recently I sat down for an interview with Hélène of Next Act for Women. As a life coach and writer, Hélène has created a fantastic website where she showcases women, telling their stories in the hopes of inspiring other women. Next Act for Women is a great resource for women seeking advice from other women who can relate to the struggles they are experiencing as they transition to the second half of their lives.

I was honored to be featured on Next Act for Women, and spoke to Hélène about my own personal experience and my journey as a relationship coach. I explained how my divorce helped me understand what I didn’t want in my next relationship, but I still struggled to figure out what I did want. That’s when I worked with a relationship coach who helped me pursue my passions, which gave me the confidence to begin dating. That journey inspired me to become a relationship coach and help others break through their barriers so they can have the confidence to reach their relationship goals.

In the interview, we focused on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in midlife face when it comes to dating and relationships. As I explained to Hélène, many women have a tendency to put their all into their professional lives, while inevitably putting their personal lives on hold. It is easy to put off dating because you believe you will find someone when the time is right or you aren’t comfortable with it. However, I’ve seen that when women reach a certain point in their lives, they realize “life is finite and if they want a special someone to share their life with they need to take action.” This particular excerpt from the interview sums up my thoughts pretty well:

“The opportunity for women in midlife, I believe, is their determination to achieve a sort of balance between their personal and professional selves. The good news is that the traits that make them successful at their career can be put to work for their personal fulfillment through relationship coaching.”

I also gave my advice for women who are just getting back into the dating scene at age 40 or older. As I explained to Hélène, I believe women have to allow themselves to be open to whoever may show up. Don’t say no to someone right away. Allow yourself time to think it over – You never know what may happen! I also offered this piece of advice:

“Yes, the dating world has changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone with depth and great character. And in some ways, it has been made easier because all you have to do is go on your computer and find an activity of interest and go meet people. There are also many meet-ups organized around particular hobbies and singles events. Have fun in the process!”

Thank you to Hélène for featuring me on Next Act for Women! I enjoyed speaking to her about my experience and offering advice to her readers who are interested in getting back into the dating scene.

If you think you may need some relationship coaching of your own, or would like to learn more about my 3 month one-on-one coaching program, please fill out my contact form. I’ll reach out to connect!